The variable filename_MRC (MULTIPLE_RECORD_COUNT) applies only to those using AcuServer's multiple-record mode. Use this variable to specify that you want the named file to be opened in multiple-record mode whenever it is allowed (whenever the user has exclusive I/O access, or the file is open INPUT).

Note: Files opened in regular I/O mode will be transmitted a single record at a time, even if they are named in the runtime configuration file using this variable.

For filename, enter the final resolved name or physical filename on disk of the file to be used in this mode. Do not include any directory names and/or file extensions. For example, if the file that you wanted to open in multiple-record mode were named /user1/gl.dat, create a variable GL_MRC. Assign a value to this variable to reflect the number of records to be read in each network packet, for instance, GL_MRC 10. Valid values range from 0 to 32767. Setting this variable to "0" is equivalent to not setting it at all. Set this variable to 1 if you want the server to determine how many records to send to the client at once. AcuServer then examines the server configuration variable MULTIPLE_RECORD_COUNT and uses that value to determine how many records to send.

There are some exceptions to these general rules. For instance, when the client executes a random READ, the server sends only a single record. The next time the client executes a READ NEXT, the server sends a full set of records.

See Multiple-Record Mode for more information on multiple-record mode. Note that files opened in multiple-record mode have certain restrictions upon them. See File Limitations for more infoirmation.