Installing a UNIX Server

To install AcuServer on a UNIX server:

  1. Create a directory on the server to hold the AcuServer software.

    We recommend that you install AcuServer directly into the ACUCOBOL-GT home directory.

  2. Change directory (cd) into the target directory and extract the AcuServer software as described on the Getting Started card that came with your product.

    Follow the instructions on the card, entering your product code and product key when prompted.

    If you want to use the server configuration file in its default location, move etc/a_srvcfg into the /etc directory. This may require root or superuser privileges. The server configuration file does not need to reside in its default location, but if the file is located elsewhere, the name and location of the configuration file must be specified with the -c option each time acuserve is started. Regardless of where the server configuration file is located, the file must not be writeable by anyone other than root for AcuServer to function. See Starting and Stopping acuserve for more information about server configuration.

AcuServer is now fully installed and ready for configuration on the UNIX server. See Configuring AcuServer for the settings that can be configured for the server.

Note: If you do not have a network card in your machine, or if your network card is not working properly, AcuServer will fail to install and run.