Developing Programs That Do Not Use Code Generating Tools

This is the approach that is most like traditional COBOL program development, except that you're working in a sophisticated integrated development environment. This approach foregoes the use of the Screen Designer and other AcuBench tools that generate code. Therefore, these projects do not need or make use of program structure files, nor do they make use of the Structure view of the Workspace window (project files are accessed in the File view). You, and other members of the development team, are responsible for writing all COBOL code. This approach in no way restricts your use of the Micro Focus COBOL language, or the non-code generating workbench tools, such as the Code Editor's code completion facilities (see Using Code Insight Functions ) or the Configuration File Editor, to name only two.

There is nothing unusual about creating a project for the traditional development approach. For step-by-step instructions, see Creating a Project. There are, however, a couple of important details to remember.

  1. When you create the project, use the Blank project template. The Blank template does not create a program structure file (which you do not need).
  2. When you use the Add/Remove Files interface to select the COBOL source files that you will be adding to your project, make sure that you have not marked the option to create a program structure file for each program. In other words, look at the Files in project frame and verify that the check box in the Create .PSF column for each program that you intend to add to your project is not marked.

    If you don’t intend to create a program structure file for any of your existing programs, you can disable the Create PSF option at the workspace level. In the Tools > Options > Environment > Miscellaneous interface, locate the Automatically create a program structure file area and deselect the When adding a source file check box. When you do this, all Create PSF check boxes in the Add/Remove Files dialog are unmarked by default.