Obtaining and Distributing the Web Runtime

End users must place the Web runtime on the client machine, along with all the necessary license and data files. You can obtain the Web runtime from any ACUCOBOL-GT media or download it at no cost from the Acucorp Web site, http://www.acucorp.com/support/downloads/. (It cannot be loaded from the ACUCOBOLGT runtime module.)

To make it easy for your end users to obtain the Web runtime, we have instructed you to embed the URL of the Acucorp download site to your Web page so that you can automate the download and installation process for your users. Your runtime license agreement must permit this form of distribution.

If you want, you can also distribute the Web runtime internally. If the target machine has Internet Explorer Version 5.5 Service Pack 2 or later installed, all that you need to do is copy the file "acugtax.ocx" to the preferred directory, and register it with the computer as described in the topic Manual Registration of the Web Runtime.

The capabilities of the Web runtime depend on its ability to locate a runtime license file either locally or via a server running AcuServer. If a runtime license file is found and available, the Web runtime has the capabilities of the standard ACUCOBOL-GT runtime. If a license file is not found, or if the maximum limit allowed by the runtime license provided by an AcuServer connection has been reached, the Web runtime runs in a restricted mode.