Manual Registration of the Web Runtime

Registration of the ActiveX control will occur automatically during installation of your ACUCOBOL-GT development system, and for your users when they download the CAB file. As a result, there is no requirement to ever perform manual registration. However, should you need to do this as part of your development or testing, you can use the following commands.

Using the basic syntax with no options, a dialog box appears, indicating success or failure of the registration:

regsvr32 acugtax.ocx

You can omit the dialog box in silent mode by adding the "/s" parameter:

regsvr32 acugtax.ocx /s

To unregister the Web runtime, use the "/u" parameter:

regsvr32 acugtax.ocx /u

The "regsvr32.exe" utility is a Microsoft system tool and most Windows installations already contain the utility.