This routine provides a general way to show a user how an operation is progressing. It is typically used when deleting, copying, moving, uploading, or downloading large files or a large number of files. It can also be used when performing a time-consuming operation that you want to allow the user to cancel at any time.


   USING OP-CODE, parameters


OP-CODE Numeric parameter This indicates the desired operation. Level 78 symbolic names for these operations can be found in acugui.def.
parameters Vary depending on the op-code chosen


W$PROGRESSDIALOG provides access to the features of the Windows progress dialog box, which is exposed through the IProgressDialog COM interface. This interface is part of the BROWSEUI.DLL Windows system library and was originally part of Internet Explorer 5.

W$PROGRESSDIALOG can be used to create a modal or modeless window containing a progress dialog, set its title, animation, text lines, progress, and cancel message. The progress dialog can be configured to automatically estimate and display the time remaining until the operation completes.

The progress dialog runs on a background thread. This allows the progress dialog to update its display, estimate the time remaining until the operation completes, and handle the user cancelling the operation independently of the work being done by the COBOL program. The progress dialog updates and remains responsive even during long operations such as C$COPY across a thin client connection. There is no need to set the FILE_IO_PROCESSES_MESSAGES configuration variable.