This operation sets the text lines that are displayed in the progress dialog. It takes three parameters:

string A data item containing the text to display.
line-num A numeric literal or data item containing the line number on which the text is to be displayed. This can be either 1, 2, or 3. If WPROGRESSDIALOG-AUTOTIME was specified in the flags parameter when the progress dialog was created, then only lines 1 and 2 can be used. The estimated time will be displayed on line 3.
compact-path     A numeric literal or data item whose value is 1 or 0. The default value for this parameter is 1, set it to 0 to turn off path string compaction or the following described behavior. There is a defect in the Microsoft's dialog design of the text string field. If a string is longer than what the field can contain the default behavior is to wrap rather than clip the text. Only the top-most pixels of the wrapped text can be seen and so is cosmetically unpleasing and functionally useless. However, if compact-path is a 1 then text that is too long for the field will be truncated and an ellipsis (...) gets appended to the end of the string. This is better default behavior for ACUCOBOL-GT programmers.
Note: This parameter has no effect on strings or paths less than the field width.