AcuServer is an add-on module that provides remote file access services to ACUCOBOL-GT applications. AcuServer is available for applications running on UNIX, Linux, and Windows TCP/IP based networks and executing with ACUCOBOL-GT runtime Version 5.0 or higher.

With AcuServer, your applications gain:

AcuServer does not require any changes to your existing application code. (Some applications that contain hard coded paths to files must be modified to use the FILE_PREFIX environment variable, or to include the name of the file server in the path.)

AcuServer does not require that you recompile your existing programs. Programs compiled with any version of ACUCOBOL-GT can be executed ACUCOBOL-GT runtime version 5.0 or higher. Contact your Micro Focus extend Sales Professional for a current list of supported platforms.

The AcuServer User’s Guide contains installation instructions and a complete description of each AcuServer feature.

Above is an illustration of a simple AcuServer network. ACUCOBOL-GT applications running on UNIX and PC client systems access and store data files on a common UNIX or Windows NT/Windows 2000 file server running AcuServer. More complex networks might incorporate multiple AcuServer file servers supporting dozens of client machines running multiple applications.