Remote Name Notation

Accessing remote files requires that your application refer to them with remote name notation. The ACUCOBOL-GT runtime looks for remote name notation to identify requests to AcuServer. Remote name notation has the following format:


I/O requests to files prepended with @server-name:path-name are routed to AcuServer on the host specified by server-name. AcuServer looks for the named file in the directory specified by path-name, for example:


To add a remote path to FILE_PREFIX or CODE-PREFIX, use the format:

FILE_PREFIX  @server-name:path-name
CODE_PREFIX  @server-name:path-name

As an alternative to FILE_PREFIX, you can define file name aliases in the runtime configuration file. A file name alias is a string that will replace the literal name in the ASSIGN TO clause of a SELECT statement. For example:

input-output section.
    select idx-file
    assign to disk “IDXDAT”
    binary sequential
    status is idx-status.

To define an alias for IDXDAT you could add the following line to your runtime configuration file:

IDXDAT  @condor:/usr/data/index_data