Adding Files to a Project

Although you open, close, and save the workspace, you add files to and remove files from individual projects. The Add/Remove Files function is the vehicle for adding files to and removing files from a project.

Because you can have multiple projects in the same workspace, there is the potential for inadvertently adding files to or removing files from the wrong project. Select the target project in the Workspace window before initiating the Add/Remove Files function. To select a project in the Workspace window, click the desired project node, or one of its subnodes, in any workspace view. Alternatively, you can select the target project in the insert into combo box at the bottom of the Add/Remove Files dialog.

The Add/Remove Files dialog has several tabs, one for each category of file type (by default: Source, Screen, Report, Copylib, Object, List, Resource, and FD).

This topic gives an overview of the steps involved in adding any file to a project. Specific information about adding source files to a project is provided in Adding an Existing Source File.

Note: To move a file from one project or folder to another project or folder, simply select it in the File view and drag it to the target folder. A similar cut-copy-and-paste function is not supported.

You can add a file to a project as follows:

  1. Right-click a folder in the File view and select Add/Remove Files. This opens the Add/Remove Files dialog with the tab appropriate to the selected folder in the foreground.

    You can also select the desired project in the Workspace window and click the Add/Remove Files icon on the Project toolbar, or select the Add/Remove Files option on the Project menu.

  2. Navigate to the folder containing the file to be added. A list of files that match the suffixes in the Files of type field is displayed in the Files list (top left).

    If the wrong file types are listed, use the Files of type drop-down box to select a different set of file extensions. The available file extensions reflect the file types associated with the project in the properties for each File view folder.

  3. Select the file to be added in the Files list. The file must be highlighted.

    To select multiple consecutive files, hold down the Shift key and click the files. To select multiple non-consecutive files, hold down the Ctrl key as you click.

  4. To add the selected file(s), click Add. To add all of the files in the specified directory, click Add all. The added files now appear in the Files in project list box.
  5. When you have finished adding files, click OK to close the Add/Remove Files dialog.