AcuToWeb Control Panel

For Windows, there is an AcuToWeb Control Panel, which comes in a 32- and a 64-bit version. It enables you to configure an AcuToWeb environment for your COBOL applications.

As AcuToWeb relies on AcuConnect, the first five tabs offer the same configuration as the AcuConnect control panel. It also includes a Gateway Services tab that provides a mechanism to create and manage gateway configuration files. If you plan to run more than one gateway on a machine, you need a gateway configuration file for each.

Access the control panel in one of the following ways:

  • From the Extend Start Menu, click AcuToWeb Control Panel 32-bit or AcuToWeb Control Panel 64-bit.
  • From the command prompt, type AcuToWeb and press Enter.
Note: You need to run the AcuToWeb control panel as an administrator.

It includes the following tabs: