extend Product Guides

The extend Product Guides section contains a documentation set for each of the products that make up the extend Interoperability Suite:

Acu4GL Describes how to use Acu4GL interfaces to access information stored in supported relational database management systems.
AcuBench Describes the integrated development environment in which you can create your ACUCOBOL-GT applications.
AcuConnect Describes how to implement a client/server environment for your applications.
AcuServer Describes the client/server file server for your network.
AcuSQL Describes how to use embedded SQL (ESQL) statements in COBOL programs to access SQL-conversant data sources.
AcuToWeb Describes how to easily deploy your COBOL applications to a web server, making them available via any web browser.
AcuXDBC Describes how to integrate COBOL data files into a relational database-like environment.
Xcentrisity Business Information Server for extend Describes how to create a web server environment that manages application sessions and makes them available via any web browser or other web user agent.