Gateway Configuration Options

The following table contains a list of the options that you can add to your gateway.conf file.

Option Description
ACURCL The IP address or host name of the AcuConnect server to be used

Example: ACURCL

ACURCL_PORT The port number of the AcuConnect server to be used

Example: ACURCL_PORT 5632

APPEND_LOG_FILE Determines if logging information is appended to an existing log file (1) or a new logging file is created (0).

The default is 1.



Improves the loading performance of image files. This option is only applicable to applications run on AIX.

The default is True on an AIX platform; False on all other platforms.

Example: ATW_000001 True

AUTHORIZED_ACCESS When set to 1, the web page prompts for a username and password before trying to connect. These details are verified in the AcuConnect access file.


CUSTOMIZE_CSS The name and file location of a cascading style sheet to be used as a theme when running your application through AcuToWeb. You may specify more than one CUSTOMIZE_CSS option to have multiple style sheets in effect at one time. See Cascading Style Sheets for more information.

Example: CUSTOMIZE_CSS FX=../Web/_CSS/examples/ThemeFX.css

ENABLE_RSA_ENC Adds additional encryption to obfuscated URLs by encrypting important information such as alias, user, and password. The encryption is performed before the base64 encoding of the entire URL.

When ENABLE_RSA_ENC is enabled (that is, set to 1), a 2048-bit RSA key (crytRSA.pem) is generated when the gateway is started. You must ensure that this key remains in the AcuToWeb sub-directory of your product installation directory in order to correctly apply the encryption when you click Make URL when the Obfuscate Param option is selected.

By default, this option is disabled.


FILE_CACHE The location of cached files, which needs to be a writable directory

Example: FILE_CACHE C:\tmp\Web\cache

HANDSHAKE_TIMEOUT The interval (in seconds) after which the handshake between the Gateway and AcuConnect will time out. This setting has no effect on other communications. The default value is 3 (seconds). Increase the value if the Gateway and AcuConnect are on different machines and/or there are network issues


LOG_LEVEL The level of logging that is carried out. Permissible values are:
Logs startup/connection information, and the loaded gateway configuration.
Logs startup/connection information, tracing, and generic error reporting.
Logs protocol information, tracing, and protocol error reporting.
Logs detailed protocol information, tracing, and specific acuthin message handler information tracing (TC_W_BITMAP, TC_W_ICON…)
Logs a hexdump of the transmission data.

To specify more than one level, add the values together.

Example: to log protocol info(4) and transmission data(8), specify LOG_LEVEL 12

LOGFILE Name of the log file used to record the level of information specified by LOG_LEVEL.

Example: LOGFILE C:\etc\log\gateway.log

MAX_PKG_SIZE The maximum size of packages exchanged between the client and the server (in bytes). Messages bigger than the default will be split; messages smaller than the default will be sent immediately without waiting for the buffer to be filled (and therefore this setting would have no effect). The default is 64000 (bytes)

Example: MAX_PKG_SIZE 64000

MAX_RECONNECT_ATTEMPTS The maximum number of attempts made to reconnect. Unlimited if set to null. See Recovering Dropped Connections for list of related options.

Recommended value: 1

MAX_RECONNECT_INTERVAL The time frame, in milliseconds, in which the reconnection(s) will be attempted. See Recovering Dropped Connections for list of related options.

Recommended value: 30000

PATH_CUSTOM_JS The name and file location of a Javascript file that can be loaded into the host page of your application. You can use this file to provide tracking, load other .js libraries, and call custom created functionality that can alter or monitor specific DOM objects. You can use jQuery as a framework within this file, because AcuToWeb already makes this available as a library.

Example: PATH_CUSTOM_JS C:\atw\js\customtour.js

Tip: If you use url notation to specify the file, you can use an additional parameter, TIMESTAMP, to refresh the browser, after a specified number of seconds, in order to pick up any updated version of the Javascript file:
For example:
PATH_FILL_COMBO The location of fillcombo.js: the JavaScript file that is used to populate a drop-down list in the Alias field of the Connection Setup screen.

Example: PATH_FILL_COMBO C:\my-acutoweb\fillcombo.js

The following excerpt of fillcombo.js adds aliases for the Calculator and Tour applications:

{"type": "category", "text": "Main Applications"},
{"type": "elem", "text": "Calculator", "value": "calc-alias"},
{"type": "elem", "text": "Tour", "value": "tour-alias"}
PUBLIC_ROOT_DIR The location of the AcuToWeb website files

Example: PUBLIC_ROOT_DIR .\web

RECONNECT_DECAY The rate of increase of the reconnect delay. Allows reconnection attempts to back off when problems persist. See Recovering Dropped Connections for list of related options.

Recommended value: 1

RECONNECT_INTERVAL The number of milliseconds to delay (after connection has dropped) before attempting to reconnect. See Recovering Dropped Connections for list of related options.

Recommended value: 1000

SSL_KEY_FILE Specifies the key file to use when SSL is enabled

Example: SSL_KEY_FILE C:\certs\my-web-key.key

SSL_CRT_FILE Specifies the certificate file to use when SSL is enabled

Example: SSL_CRT_FILE C:\certs\my-web-cert.crt

TCP_PORT The port that the Gateway is listening on, and uniquely identifies the service

Example: TCP_PORT 8009

TIMEOUT_ATW_CONN Inserts a time delay to ensure connection to the AcuToWeb Desktop is established before your application runs. Increase the value of this option if you are having connection problems for applications requiring the AcuToWeb Desktop. The default value is 100 (milliseconds); a suggested value is 450.
TIMEOUT_INTERVAL The maximum time, in milliseconds, to wait for a connection to succeed before closing and retrying. See Recovering Dropped Connections for list of related options.

Recommended value: 200000

USE_SSL Enables to use of SSL when connecting through the gateway

Example: USE_SSL 1

WEBSERVER_PORT The port number that receives HTTP requests and routes them to the AcuToWeb Gateway

Example: WEBSERVER_PORT 3000

WS_COMPRESSION Enables or disables WebSocket compression