ECN-AW138 New custom Javascript file available

Product: AcuToWeb

Module: AcuToWeb

Machines Affected: all


A new AcuToWeb configuration variable PATH_CUSTOM_JS provides the ability to load your own Javascript file into the head of the host page. This file allows you to provide tracking, load other .js libraries, and call custom-created functionality that can alter or monitor specific DOM objects. You can use jQuery as a framework in this file, because it is already available as a library inside AcuToWeb.

Set the value of the variable to the path and file name of the .js file. If you use url notation to specify the file, you can use an additional parameter, TIMESTAMP, to refresh the browser, after a specified number of seconds, in order to pick up any updated version of the Javascript file:

For example:
Tip: The readme.txt file, located in sample/AcuToWeb, contains instructions for viewing the Tour example program with a Javascript chart.