26.0 Understanding Review Run

In Identity Governance, Review Administrators create review definitions for a particular set of users, accounts, or roles that need review. A single instance of a review definition is a review run or review campaign, which has a Review Owner. The Review Owners can see only the review runs that they own.

Reviews can be started either in a preview mode or a live mode, or when an event triggers micro certification. Review Administrators can set up a review to automatically start in preview mode or schedule for live review runs while creating a review definition. Live review runs can also start automatically when certification or data policy violation remediation is set to micro certification.

Identity Governance notifies any person or role specified in the Notifications settings of the review definition, once a review is initiated. After a Review Owner approves the review run or individual review items, Identity Governance notifies fulfillers if they have change items. For more information, see Section 27.2, Managing a Review in Live Mode.