8.1 Understanding the Application Definition Template

Identity Governance uses an application definition template to create application entities. This feature enables you to collect application configuration items from ServiceNow, Identity Manager, and a CSV file. You can include information about one or more applications or drivers, such as their name, description, risk, classification, and vendor in a CSV file, or add ServiceNow or entitlement drivers and add the applications or drivers as an application source on the Data Sources > Applications page. You can then configure any of the applications to collect data from one or more applications.

NOTE:The IDM Entitlement application definition template collects only Identity Manager applications and creates an application data source for each supported driver. You can rename or delete a driver from the Application Sources page as needed. For the list of supported drivers, please see the Release Notes.

For more information about defining an application and collecting from application sources, see Section 8.8, Collecting Application Data for Multiple Applications and Section 8.7, Collecting Application Data from a Single Application Source.