10.8 Email Activity

The Email activity provides a way to send an email to interested parties outside of an approval process.

10.8.1 Properties

The Email activity has the following properties:

Table 10-19 Email Activity Properties

Property Name



A unique string value that identifies the activity. Workflow Builder auto-generates this value in E-Mail_<N> format, where <N> represents an alphanumeric value that contains 7 characters.


Specifies a name for the activity.

Notify by Email

Specifies whether this activity should send email notifications. Set to True to notify by email; otherwise, set to False.

You must specify the email required to send in the Email Template tab (see Email Template).

To use this feature, you must enable the Notify Participants by EMail parameter in the Overview tab for a workflow (see Editing a Workflow).

10.8.2 Data Items

Data items are not supported with this activity.

10.8.3 Email Template

To enable email notification for this activity, you need to specify the email template to use, as well as source expressions for target tokens in the email body.

Table 10-20 Email Template Settings for the Email Activity




Specifies that this email template is a notification email.

Show Default Tokens

Displays system tokens (for example, TO, CC, BCC, REPLYTO, TO_DN, CC_DN, and BCC_DN) provided by default in the Target column.

List of email templates

By default, the Email Activity has no template selected. You must select the email template to use.

You can edit an email template on the Notification Templates page (Catalog > Notification Templates). For more information, see Editing a Notification Template.


Specifies the source expressions for target tokens in the email body.

The list of target tokens is determined by the selected email template. You cannot add new tokens, but you can assign values to the tokens by building your own source expressions. At runtime, source expressions are evaluated to determine the value of each token. For details on building ECMA expressions, see Section 11.0, Working with ECMA Expressions.

The available default tokens are listed below:

  • TO

    To specify multiple recipients, use the following syntax:


  • CC

  • BCC


  • TO_DN

  • CC_DN

  • BCC_DN


  • Email notification is supported only when the Notify participants By EMail check box is selected in the Overview tab, and the Notify by Email property for the activity is set to True.

  • If you create an activity using any of the target tokens TO_DN, CC_DN, or BCC_DN, you must specify a user’s DN or an expression that resolves to a user’s DN as the source expression for the token.

  • If you create an activity using both the target tokens TO and TO_DN, the workflow sends out duplicate notification emails to the target users.

10.8.4 Problems

The Problems tab provides details of the errors and warnings associated with the activity in a workflow. For more information about validating workflow activities, see Validating a Workflow.