Workflow Service Administration Guide

  Workflow Service Administration Guide
    Introduction to Workflow Service
      Introduction to the Workflow Service Components
        Workflow Administration Console
        Workflow Engine
        Workflow Database
      Understanding Authorizations in Workflow Service
    Getting Started with Workflow Administration Console
      Exploring the Dashboard
        Understanding Dashboard Tiles
      Configuring Default Settings for Workflow Administration Console
        Manage User Access
        Configure Advanced Settings
        Add Category and Process Type to the Workflow Catalog
        Customize the User Interface Display Settings
    Working with Forms Catalog
      Forms Catalog Overview
        About Forms
        About Form Builder
      Managing Forms in Forms Catalog
        Listing Forms
        Creating New Forms
        Form Actions
        Modifying a Published Form
        Deleting Forms
    Working with Workflow Catalog
      Workflow Catalog Overview
      Managing Workflows in a Catalog
        Creating a Workflow
        Editing a Workflow
        Deleting a Workflow
        Restoring a Workflow
        Publishing a Workflow
        Viewing Workflow Association
        Listing Workflows
        Using the System Templates for Workflows
    Workflow Builder Overview
      Using Workflow Builder to Create Workflows
        About Workflow Builder
        Adding Activities to a Workflow
        Adding Flow Paths
        Configuring Flow Paths
        Guidelines for Creating Workflows
        Debugging a Workflow
      Workflow Activity Reference
        Start Activity
        Finish Activity
        Approval Activity
        Log Activity
        Condition Activity
        Mapping Activity
        Workflow Status
        Email Activity
        Rest Activity
        Notify Activity
        Integration Activity
        Working with Integration Activities
        Subprocess Activity
      Working with ECMA Expressions
        About the ECMA Expression Builder
    Working with Email Notification Templates
      Email Notification Template Overview
      Setting Up Email Notification Templates
        Creating Templates
        Editing a Notification Template
        Deleting Notification Templates
        Managing Notification Templates
        Exporting and Importing Templates for Localization
        Publishing Templates
    Working with Email Based Approval
      Email-Based Approval Overview
      Managing Approvals by Email
        Checklist to Setup Email-Based Approval
        Configuring Outgoing Email Settings
        Enabling Email Approval and Configuring Incoming Mail Server Properties
        Troubleshooting Email-Based Approval Issues
    Configuring Default Settings for Workflow Engine and Cluster
      Configuring Workflow Engine and Cluster Settings
        Configuring the Workflow Engine Settings
        Configuring the Workflow Cluster Settings
        Reviewing the Status of Workflow Engines
        Deleting an Instance of Workflow Engine
    Understanding Workflow Monitoring
      Monitoring Workflow Processes
        Finding Workflow Processes That Match Search Criteria
        Viewing the Status of a Workflow Process
        Viewing the Approval Status of a Workflow Process
        Actions You Can Perform On The Page
    Understanding and Setting Up Event Logging
      Understanding the Basics of Logging
        About Logging Services
        What Can Be Logged
        The Workflow Logging Environment and Process
        Types of Log Files
        Understanding the Log Format
      Configuring Logging
        Configuring Logging
        Changing the Log Levels for Features
      Configuring Logging in a Cluster
        Tomcat Logging
        Workflow Logging
    Understanding Audit Configuration
      Configure Audit Events Overview
      Configuring Audit Events
        Enabling and Disabling the Audit Configuration
        Audit Log Events
    Legal Notice