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In IDOL, querying allows the flexible identification of documents that are relevant to a particular set of criteria. These criteria can include simple keyword searches, the use of complex Boolean and proximity operators, or natural language search, in which you can use a description, question, or an exemplary piece of text. You can apply a large number of filters to the query, including the FieldText operators. Most query types match values in the index fields of your documents.


As an alternative to querying IDOL by submitting actions, you can also submit queries on the Test Action tab on the Console page in the Control section of IDOL Admin.

Basic Search

Main Topic: Basic Queries

Basic search (also referred to as conceptual search) includes keyword and natural language searches, which allow you to specify terms that you want to find in your document set. IDOL applies some processing to the search terms so that it can find related terms (for example, plurals, and other forms of a verb).

Boolean Search

Main Topic: Boolean and Proximity Queries 

Boolean search allows you to provide specific search criteria that define the relationship between different search terms. You use Boolean and proximity operators to specify terms that must or must not occur, and the relationship between those terms.

Wildcard Search

Main TopicWildcard Search

Wildcard searches allow you to find terms that are similar to the search term. In wildcard search, a question mark (?) represents a single missing character, and an asterisk (*) represents any number of missing characters.

Field Search

Main TopicField Search

Field search allows you to filter or restrict results according to the value of a particular field. It includes simple field restricted search, where you specify that a particular term must occur in a specified index field, and FieldText queries which allow you to specify more complex operations and field values.

Other Search Types

Main TopicOther Search Types

There are a number of additional search methods that allow you to create more specific or inclusive queries, including synonym search, phrase search, Soundex search, fuzzy search, and proper names search.