Configure User Permissions

To retrieve all the files from your repositories, a connector must have permission to read the files.

To retrieve data from every mailbox in an Exchange repository, the profile that you configure for the connector must have permission to view every mailbox.

Most connectors access data through the APIs that are available for a repository. However, some connectors (such as the SharePoint Connector) also require permission to access backend files and databases. Check the documentation for your connector for specific requirements.

Tools are available for most repositories to diagnose issues where the connector does not return the expected data. Using these tools, you can log on to the repository using the same user account that you configured for the connector. You can then send queries or browse the file structure and see the data that is returned to the connector.

If you are extracting data from a Microsoft Exchange repository, you can use Outlook to view the contents of the repository, and MFCMAPI to provide a view of the data available to the connector through the API.

Windows User Accounts

On Windows platforms, a connector is installed as a system service. You might need to run your connector using a different user account to make sure that the connector can access your data.

Disable Antivirus Software

Make sure that your antivirus software does not scan the folders where the connector and CFS are installed because this can interfere with normal operation.