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QUAL Compiler directive Compiler Directvies QUAL
Qualification COBOL Language Reference Uniqueness of Reference
substitution marker CGI-based Applications Substitution Markers
QUALPROC Compiler directive Compiler Directvies QUALPROC
Query SQL Option User's Guide Creating and Running SQL Queries
aggregate clause processing SQL Option Server Administrati Aggregate Clause Processing
correlated SQL Option Server Administrati Correlated Queries
creating in SQL Wizard Database Access Tutorials Create a Query
halt SQL Option Server Administrati Halt Query
nested SQL Option Server Administrati Nested Queries
optimizer SQL Option Server Administrati Optimizing Query Processing
optimizer - list prefetch SQL Option Server Administrati List Prefetch
optimizer - over-ride SQL Option Server Administrati Overriding the Optimizer
optimizer - XDBRIDPOOL SQL Option Server Administrati XDBRIDPOOL
performance summary SQL Option Server Administrati Query Performance Summary
running Database Access Tutorials Run the Query
QUERY Compiler directive Compiler Directvies QUERY
query data
known errors **ERROR** Run-time Behavior
Query performance summary SQL Option Server Administrati Query Performance Summary
QUERY SECURITY CICS command Mainframe Transaction Develope Security Exit Programs
queryClassInfo method COM. COBOL and .NET Enabling Self-registration
event mask Character User Interfaces Setting the Event Mask
Querying a database CGI-based Applications Tutoria Filter the Database
queryLibraryInfo method COM. COBOL and .NET Enabling Self-registration
QUOTE Compiler directive COBOL Language Reference Literals
Compiler Directvies QUOTE
QUOTE(S) figurative constant COBOL Language Reference Literals
Quotient COBOL Language Reference The DIVIDE Statement
QWS 3270
TN3270 terminal emulator Mainframe Transaction Develope Running under an Enterprise Server

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