3.2 Do You Want to Purchase OES 2018 SP3 or Evaluate It?

If you want to evaluate OES prior to purchasing it, skip to the next section, Evaluating OES 2018 SP3 Software.

If you have decided to purchase OES, visit the Micro Focus Product Inquiry page.

When you purchase OES, you receive an activation code. This code is required for registering an OES system in the Micro Focus Customer Center. After it is registered, your server can receive online updates, including the latest support pack.

As part of the purchase process, it is important that you understand the OES licensing model. For a brief description, see Section 3.5, Licensing.

After completing your purchase, the installation process goes more smoothly if you understand your installation options. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to review the information in Section 2.5, Understand Your Installation Options and then skip to Section 4.0, Installing OES.