25.5 Migrate License Key

By default, PlateSpin Migrate automatically selects the best license key for a particular migration job. For information about product licensing and license key management, see Section 5.1, PlateSpin Migrate Product Licensing.

25.5.1 License Key in Migrate Client

If you have multiple license keys, PlateSpin Migrate client enables you to select a specific license key to apply to a particular migration job, assuming its workload licenses are available (neither expired nor exhausted). Certain licenses cannot be selected if they are invalid for the current migration. Licenses can be invalid for reasons such as:

  • There are no remaining migrations for the license.

  • The license does not allow X2V migrations and the current migration is a P2V.

To view or modify the license key selected for a migration job:

  1. Start the migration job. For information about starting a migration job, see Section 25.2, Initiating a Migration Job.

  2. In the Job Configuration section of the Migration Job window, click License.

  3. To manually choose a different key, deselect Automatically select the best license key during the conversion, then select the required license key from the menu.

  4. Click OK.

    The selected license key is displayed on the Licenses tab and the description is updated accordingly.

25.5.2 License Key in Migrate Web Interface

If multiple license keys are available, PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface consumes workload licenses associated with the license keys in order of their start date until all workloads associated with the key are consumed. You cannot specify the key to be used by each workload.