12.4 Prerequisites for C2C Migration from AWS to Azure

12.4.1 Deployment for C2C Migration from AWS to Azure

For migration of workloads from Amazon Web Services EC2 Cloud to Microsoft Azure Cloud, deploy the PlateSpin Migrate server in the target Azure environment. No VPN is required between the participating sites. Internet access and public IP addresses are required. Figure 12-1 shows the location of various components in your AWS, Azure, and data center migration environments and the communications between them.

You must also enable the application use of PlateSpin Replication Environment from the Azure Marketplace in the target Azure environment.

You use Migrate Agent to register workloads with the cloud-based Migrate server using secure communications over the public Internet. Enable data transfer encryption to transfer data securely between the source workload in AWS and the PlateSpin Replication Environment in Azure over the public Internet.

NOTE:A reboot of the source Windows workload is required when you install, uninstall, or upgrade block-based transfer drivers. A reboot is not required for source Linux workloads.

Figure 12-1 Cloud-Based Migrate Server for Automated Migration from AWS to Azure with No VPNs

12.4.2 Requirements for Migrating Workloads to Azure

To prepare your target Azure environment, review the following information in Section 9.2, Requirements for Migrating Workloads to Azure:

Ensure that the source workload is supported by the target Azure configuration.

12.4.3 Requirements for Migrating Workloads from AWS to Azure

Deploy a PlateSpin Migrate server in the target Azure network environment. Ensure that your non-VPN migration environment meets the Requirements for C2C Non-VPN Migrations.

For source workloads in AWS:

  • AWS automatically adds the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) port (TCP/3389) and Secure Shell (SSH) port (TCP/22) in the AWS Security Group for the source workload VMs. You must manually add other ports to the source workload’s AWS Security Group that are required by PlateSpin Migrate to provide migration services, such as Port 3725 for replication traffic and Port 443 for HTTPS traffic.

  • For Windows workloads, use a user name and password.

  • For Linux workloads, use the root user or root equivalent user.

    In AWS, Amazon Linux AMIs by default enable the ec2user user name and PEM key credentials, and disable the root user name and password credentials. To use Migrate discovery to inventory workloads, you must enable root user access for the AWS source Linux workload. See Section 12.10, Enabling Root User Credentials for Source Linux Workloads in AWS.

12.4.4 Checklist for Automated Migration from AWS to Azure