You can perform two types of installations:


When you want to

A workstation installation Installs Reflection on a workstation hard disk. You can accept the default settings or customize the install by changing the default location, specifying an organization name, and selecting feature installation states.

Install Reflection on a small number of computers.

An administrative installation Copies an image of Reflection to a destination folder to create an administrative installation point. This folder can be used by deployment tools to access and create packages that are deployed to workstations. An end user who has access to the folder can then use it to install the product on his or her workstation. You can also run the Installation Customization Tool from the administrative installation point.

Create an administrative installation point that can be used as a source for deployment.

You can perform these installations from the Installation wizard graphical interface, or from its command line. You can also install Reflection directly with MSI.

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