Transfer Files Using the FTP Client

You can transfer files in the FTP Client with a simple drag and drop operation. This client supports secure SFTP transfers as well as FTP transfers. You can drag individual files, multiple files, and entire folders.

To connect to a server and transfer files

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Micro Focus Reflection > FTP Client. The Connect to FTP Site dialog box opens automatically.

  2. Click New.

  3. Step through the wizard, entering your host and user name when prompted.

    NOTE:When you install FTP Client with Reflection for Secure IT, the wizard is configured to create SFTP connections by default. You can configure additional connection types using the Security Properties dialog box. Use the Security button in the Login Information dialog box

  4. On the last panel you are asked if you want to connect to the host. Yes is selected by default. Leave this selected and click Finish to exit the wizard and make the connection.

    NOTE:If you are making an SFTP connection to a server to which you have not yet connected, you may see a dialog box asking you to confirm the authenticity of the host. You can confirm the validity of the host key by contacting the system administrator for that host. Click Always to add this host to your known hosts list.

  5. Browse to locate the files or folders you want to transfer and the destination location.

    To browse

    Use the

    Local folders

    Left pane

    Server directories

    Right pane

  6. Select the files or folders you want to transfer and drag them from the source location to your desired destination.

To save this server to your list of sites

  • Click File > Save to save the site configuration to your FTP Client settings file.

To connect to a saved site

  1. Launch the FTP Client.

  2. Click to select a site in the Connect to FTP Site dialog box.

  3. Click Connect.

NOTE:For complete information about working with the FTP Client, refer to the FTP Client application help.