Use the Secure Shell Log File

The log file contains information you can use to troubleshoot Secure Shell connections.

NOTE:You can use the Logging Level setting to determine the amount of information written to the Secure Shell log. This setting is available from the Secure Shell Settings dialog box -- General tab.

To use the log file from the Reflection for Secure IT client

  1. Turn on tracing (Connection > Trace > Start Trace).

  2. Make your connection.

  3. Turn off tracing (Connection > Trace > Stop Trace).

  4. Process the trace (Connection > Trace > Process Trace).

  5. Select Network protocol details, and then click OK.

  6. Select the trace file (*.rev) in the Logs folder, and then click Open.

  7. Select a filename and format for your log output, and then click OK.

To use the log file from the FTP Client

  • Do one of the following:



    Send log information to a file

    Tools > Start Logging, and then change Files of Type to "Diagnostic File (*.txt)".

    View the log information in the FTP command window

    View > Command Window.