Reflection for Secure IT Client for Windows is a full-featured, easily customizable Windows-based Secure Shell client. It provides secure, encrypted communications between a trusted host and your Windows workstation over an unsecured network. All connections between your local computer and the remote host(s) are encrypted, protecting the data sent between these machines. Passwords are never sent over the network in a clear text format as they are when you use Telnet, FTP, rlogin, or rsh.

Reflection for Secure IT Client for Windows supports:

  • Secure connections to both protocol version 1 and protocol version 2 servers.

  • Standard Secure Shell features including: TCP port forwarding (including X-11), data stream compression and encryption, authentication (password, keyboard interactive, public key, or Kerberos/GSSAPI), and logging.

  • A user key generation tool that enables you to create RSA, RSA1, and DSA keys.

  • Tools for uploading public keys to your Secure Shell server. Reflection automatically detects the server type, exports the correct key type, and installs it in the correct location on the server.

  • Tools to view and manage trusted host keys.

  • A Key Agent utility that enables you to manage multiple keys and certificates with a single passphrase, and forward authentication to additional servers.

  • PKI support, including a certificate manager that enables you to manage certificates in a Reflection-specific certificate store. You can also configure Reflection to use certificates in the Windows store, or on smart cards or other PKCS #11-compliant hardware devices.

  • Secure SFTP file transfer.

  • Standalone DOS command-line utilities for ssh, ssh-keygen, sftp, and scp.