Mouse Mapper

From this dialog box, you can change the way the mouse works in Reflection. The session document uses the configured mouse map until you reconfigure it.

Map Mouse Click

Define and add mouse clicks (or mouse/key combinations) to the mouse map using the following options:

Position your mouse pointer on the image to the left, then click the mouse and key combination you want to map

Describes the mouse click or mouse/key combination after you perform it on the image to the left; for example, Ctrl+Left.

Select Action

Select an action to associate with the specified mouse/key combination.


Clears the mouse click or mouse/key combination.

Mouse Mapper

The mouse map shows all defined mouse clicks and mouse/key combinations, which you can modify or delete.


Opens the Select Action dialog box, from which you can change the action associated with the mouse click.


Removes the selected key combination from the mouse map.