ReGIS Graphics Support

For accurate ReGIS and sixel graphics emulation using Reflection, on the Graphics tab from the Terminal Setup dialog box, the Terminal type should be set to one of the four graphics terminal types: VT240, VT241, VT330, or VT340.


  • The VT240 and VT330 are monochrome graphics terminals, providing up to four shades of gray at once.

  • The VT241 and VT340 are color graphics terminals; the VT241 provides up to four different colors at once, while the VT340 provides up to 16 different colors.

  • Setting your display to 256 colors is highly recommended.

All four graphics terminals support ReGIS. However, each terminal differs slightly in its implementation of ReGIS. Reflection should be set for the same type of terminal as that of the host graphics program.

A host program may need to determine the graphics capabilities of Reflection. It does so by requesting the Terminal ID (which is set on the Emulation tab from the Terminal Setup dialog box). For accurate graphics emulation, the Terminal ID should be set to the type of terminal the host expects to find: VT240, VT241, VT330, or VT340 (the default is VT320).

NOTE:Changing the Terminal type resets all associated settings (that is, any setting from the Terminal Setup dialog box or the Advanced Options dialog box).