Difficult troubleshooting tasks

When there is a network problem, but you do not know what to trace, you can trace all APIs and save the data in a binary file. Later, this data can be replayed, and you can analyze the sequence of data from API-to-API. With this sequence in hand, you can isolate where the problem is occurring and then replay the specific API data.

  1. Start Rumba Trace.
  2. Select Options > Configuration.

    The Configure Tracing Parameters dialog box appears.

  3. Click Select All.
  4. Click the Output tab, then check Binary File.
  5. In the Binary Output field, type the path and file name to which you want to save the API data flow (use the extension *.bin).
  6. Click OK to close the Configure Tracing Parameters dialog box.
  7. Reproduce the problem that you are trying to troubleshoot.
  8. Select Trace Options > Configuration.
  9. On the Output page, uncheck Binary File.
  10. Click the API Selection tab, choose the APIs you want to analyze.
  11. Click the Advanced tab. Under Binary File Replay, type the name of the file you saved (or browse button to it).
  12. Click Replay Now to view the API data flow.