Express Macro Language

An alternative to using Rumba macros is to use Express Macro Language (EML) macros. EML is a new, code-free macro language that can be shared across mainstream Micro Focus emulators. You can therefore create an EML macro in one product and use it in another.

To create an EML macro, you use the EML Editor which is a visual editor where you drag and drop blocks of code onto a canvas and plug them together to obtain the function you want. For example:


An advantage of using the EML Editor is that you cannot make syntax errors. If an error would be caused by joining two blocks together, the editor would not allow you to join the blocks. You can simply concentrate on the logical flow of the macro.

After you have created a macro, you save it as a JavaScript (.js) file.

For more information about EML and how to create EML macros, see the EML online Help.