Automating Rumba

By automating complex and common tasks, both you and your users can make Rumba do more for you. You can use either macros or scripts to simplify your work. Macros record a series of actions, such as keystrokes and commands to automate tasks.

If you choose to install the separate Script Editor, you can use scripts to automatically manipulate sessions. For example, you could write a script to open a new session and connect to a host.

This section provides you with background information on using macros. Detailed information on the Rumba Script Editor can be found in its online Help.

Note: One of the easiest and most effective ways to familiarize yourself with Rumba Script Editor/Player capabilities is to run the demo scripts provided with the application. Run one of the script files (such as, demo.csf) to see how a script works. You can also copy a sample script file and edit it to suit your needs.

Use macros in conjunction with hotspots, custom toolbar buttons, and keyboard shortcuts to complete tedious log-on procedures and other common tasks with a single mouse click or key stroke.

For example, distributing macro files and Hotspot libraries to your users provides them with valuable production tools that they do not even have to take the time to create.