Gathering Information About Products

To gather information about the products in your organization:
  1. Draw up a list of products, releases for each product, and platforms for each release.
  2. Compare your platform list with the list in Administration > Platforms.
  3. Draw up a list of software and documentation components of each product. Components (functional areas) are not required; however, they allow you to track issues based on product, release, platform, and component, and to gain finer control over the routing of issues.
  4. Draw up a list of issue severities. The values on this list are displayed in the Severity column on the Issue Tracking page. You can categorize this list by product or issue type, or you can come up with a generic list for all products and issue types.
  5. Compare your list with the list in Administration > List of Values.
  6. Decide which inbox should receive an issue pertaining to a given product, component, release, and platform. These are routing rules.