Assigning or Creating Issues

When you execute tests in the Manual Testing window, you can assign issues to each test step.

To assign an issue:

  1. Open the Manual Testing window. For more information, see Manual Testing Window.
  2. Click (Show Details) on the left side to expand a test step.
  3. Click (Assign or Create Issue). The Assign or Create Issue dialog box appears.
  4. If you want to assign existing issues, click Assign existing issues and type the issue numbers in the Issue ID field, separated by commas.
  5. If you want to create a new issue, click Create new issue. Enter information about the issue in the fields and select values from the lists.
  6. Click OK. The issue is assigned to the test step.
  7. To view the assigned issue, click . The Issues dialog box with a list of all attached issues appears.
  8. If you click (Open Issue), you are directed to an external issue tracking tool or to Issue Manager. To delete an issue, click (Delete Issue).
    Note: In this dialog box, you can only delete issues you have assigned during the current test run. You cannot delete issues that were assigned to the test before the testing cycle/execution plan was started.
Note: When you create a new issue, Silk Central automatically creates links to all result files that are currently assigned to the step or to the test. These links display in the description of the issue in your issue tracking tool. This way, you can directly download result files out of your issue tracking tool.
Note: You can perform the task described in this topic both on test level and on step level.