Manual Testing

The manual testing functionality of Silk Central allows testers to efficiently execute manual tests. The Manual Testing window provides an intuitive, easy-to-use UI with just the information that is relevant to the manual tester in the execution process.

Manual testers have quick access to the Manual Testing window via the dashboard panel Manual Tests Assigned to Me. For more information on the dashboard and on panels, see Dashboard. The Manual Testing window is structured as follows: In the overview area, it lists the tests that are contained by the selected execution plan or testing cycle. Beneath, in the test steps area, it displays the list of steps that are configured for the selected test. Manual testers can process the steps from the top to the bottom.

As a manual tester, you can tick off tests and test steps when you have executed them successfully, write a result text, create and assign issues, and attach result files. Additionally, you can capture screen images and record videos to illustrate how you executed a test or test step, or to show an issue that occurred during the testing process.

The integrated timer shows you, how long it took you to execute a test and a bar visualizes the testing progress. The Testbook (which is a panel you can add to your dashboard) shows you real-time updates about all activities that take place during manual testing within a project.