The Testbook is a dashboard panel that gives you real-time updates about all activities that take place during manual testing. It shows you who did what and when in the different testing cycles and execution plans. The Testbook simplifies the coordination and collaboration among testers and test managers.

You can filter the entries by user, action, and testing cycle. The panel shows the activities of just one project. To configure a project for the panel, click (Configure) in the header of the panel. To view activities in other projects, you can add more panels. For more information on panels, see Dashboard.

For each entry the user name is displayed and (if available) the full name. For organizations that do not use meaningful user names, the full name of a user is better recognizable for the other users within a team.

On the Manual Testing window, you can post a message to the Testbook by clicking .

Entries older than 60 days are deleted automatically. To change this default setting, open the file Conf\AppServer\TMAppserverHomeConf.xml and edit the following setting: <MaximumActivityLogLifeTimeInDays>60</MaximumActivityLogLifeTimeInDays>

The following activities are logged in the Testbook:

Icon Activity Icon Activity
Testing cycle started Test added
Testing cycle finished Test started
Testing cycle removed Test finished
Milestone added Test reassigned
Milestone edited Test removed
Milestone removed Test blocked
Mobile device selected Message posted