Editing Version and Build

To edit the version and the build in the Manual Testing window, click (Edit Version and Build) in the overview area. If the button does not display, click (Edit Settings) and enable the action.

The tests of a testing cycle might not be done with only one build, but with several ones. This is especially probable if you have long testing cycles with many tests. For example: The tests 1 and 2 of a testing cycle are executed with build 315, test 3 of the same testing cycle is executed with build 316.

The configured build and version are stored for each test and display in all relevant grids within Silk Central.

When you set a build for a test, this build is automatically set for all tests ...
  • that are assigned to you or that are not assigned to any specific tester, and
  • that have not yet been executed (tests that have the status Not Executed), and
  • that belong to the same project and product.

So you do not have to set the same build again and again for each test that you are executing subsequently.