Attaching Result Files

When you execute tests in the Manual Testing window, you can attach result files to each test step.

To attach a result file:

  1. Open the Manual Testing window. For more information, see Manual Testing Window.
  2. Click (Show Details) on the left side to expand a test step.
  3. Click (Attach Result File). The system file manager opens.
  4. Browse for the file that you want to attach and confirm. The file is attached to the test step.
  5. To view the attached file, click . The Attachments dialog box with a list of all attached files appears.
  6. You can delete attached files by clicking (Delete Result File) or open the files by clicking (Open).
    Note: In this dialog box, you can only delete files you have attached during the current test run. You cannot delete files that were assigned to the test before the testing cycle/execution plan was started.
Note: You can limit the size of the result files that testers are allowed to upload. For more information, see Setting the Maximum Size of Result Files.
Note: You can perform the task described in this topic both on test level and on step level.