Creating Testing Cycles

Note: You can also create new testing cycles in the Execution Planning Details View and Document View.

To create a testing cycle:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Manual Execution Planning. The Manual Execution Planning page displays.
  2. In the Testing Cycles area, click New Testing Cycle. The New Testing Cycle dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a Name for the testing cycle.
  4. Optionally enter a Description.
  5. Click next to Start date to set the start date of the testing cycle.
  6. Click next to End date to set the end date of the testing cycle.
  7. In hh:mm format, enter the amount of time you want to provide for the testing cycle (Capacity).

    This capacity will be replaced by the sum of the tester capacities as soon as you add a tester to the testing cycle.

  8. Click OK. The testing cycle is added to the Testing Cycles area.