Testing Cycles

A testing cycle is a defined period in time consisting of a start date, an end date, and a list of manual testers. Create testing cycles to plan and execute specific sets of manual tests.

The Testing Cycles area lists all testing cycles of the current project. It is the central part of the Manual Execution Planning page and displays on both the Test Selection and on the Test Assignment view. The testing cycles are ordered chronologically.

Click New Testing Cycle on the top of the Testing Cycles area to create a new testing cycle. Click Show/Hide Testing Cycles if you want to hide testing cycles. Additionally, use the Search field to display only testing cycles that contain the search word. Hiding testing cycles helps you to keep the Testing Cycles area tidy and to enhance the performance. It is especially useful when you have lots of testing cycles.

In the header of a testing cycle, click Actions (...) to access the menu. Click to locate the testing cycle in the Execution Planning tree.

In a testing cycle, click on a manual tester to display the assigned tests in the Assigned Tests area.

Click on the header of a testing cycle to select it. The tests that are assigned to the testing cycle (but not to a specific manual tester) are listed in the Assigned Tests area. If the Assigned Tests area is not displayed, click Test Assignment on the top right.

The testing cycle boxes show:

  • The name of the testing cycle.
  • The start and end dates.
  • A burn-down chart that visualizes the testing progress. It shows how likely it is that all tests will be finished by the end of the testing cycle. Move your mouse over one of the bars to show the number of tests that are not completed.
  • The capacity that is left. This value is calculated as follows: The sum of planned time of the assigned tests minus the capacity sum of the manual testers. This value displays both for the testing cycle and each individual tester. If a testing cycle or a manual tester is overloaded with tests, the green box turns into red. Move the mouse over this box to get detailed information.
  • The number of assigned tests and the completed tests for both the testing cycle and each individual tester. Move the mouse over these numbers to get detailed information.
  • The manual testers that are assigned to each testing cycle. Click on the number of the assigned testers to expand or collapse the detailed information.