Starting Testing Cycles

Note: Before starting a testing cycle, verify that the start date of the testing cycle corresponds with the current date. If not, ensure that you are able to start the testing cycle on a different date.

To start a testing cycle:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Manual Execution Planning. The Manual Execution Planning page displays.
  2. In the Testing Cycles area, in the header of a testing cycle, click ... > Start Testing Cycle.

    A testing cycle can only be started once. If the testing cycle is already started, this action is disabled. A running testing cycle displays Testing Progress between the start and end date. A testing cycle that has not been started displays Not Started. A finished testing cycle displays Finished.

    The Start Testing Cycle dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Version and Build of the product that you want to test. All products that are specified in the assigned tests test container are listed.
    Note: To change the version and build after a testing cycle has been started, click ... > Update Versions and Builds.
  4. Click OK.

The assigned manual tests are distributed to the manual testers. The testers are notified by email and the tests will display in their Manual Tests Assigned to Me panel on their dashboard.

You can still change a running test, change the product version and build, assign additional tests, remove tests, or move tests between testers after a testing cycle has started.