Hiding Testing Cycles

You can hide testing cycles on the Manual Execution Planning page to keep the page tidy and to enhance the performance. This is especially useful when you have lots of testing cycles.

To hide a testing cycle:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Manual Execution Planning. The Manual Execution Planning page displays.
  2. In the Testing Cycles area, click Show/Hide Testing Cycles. Additionally, use the Search field to display only testing cycles that contain the search word. The Visible Testing Cycles dialog box appears.
  3. Uncheck all testing cycles that shall be hidden and click OK. To hide all finished testing cycles, click Deselect Finished.
    Tip: Open a column header's context menu to sort, filter or group the testing cycles. When selecting multiple testing cycles, you can use the spacebar to toggle the selected items.
  4. To quickly hide a certain testing cycle, you can also click ... in the header of a testing cycle and click Hide Testing Cycle.
  5. To show a hidden testing cycle, again click Show/Hide Testing Cycles and mark the testing cycle.
If you hide a testing cycle on the Manual Execution Planning page, you can still see it in the Execution Plans tree in the Details View and in the Document View as well as in the dashboard panels and in the reports. The visibility settings are done per user. Every user can define which testing cycle to display and which to hide.