User Security Settings

Security privileges define which activities the user can perform. The default security privileges for a user are the security privileges of the group to which the user belongs. You can assign additional privileges for a given user in a group by editing his or her user account but you cannot take away privileges that have been granted to the user's group. The default security privileges are read-only.

To assign security privileges to a user account, click on the name of the user in Issues > Configuration > User Accounts. Check the appropriate check box to assign the corresponding privilege to the user.

The following table lists the privileges that allow users to perform specific customization tasks:
Check Box Description
Manage groups, inboxes and user accounts Create and edit groups, inboxes, and user accounts, including security privileges.
Manage products Create and edit products, releases, platforms, and components. Edit the Platforms list and other lists.
Manage routing rules Define how an issue moves from one inbox to another based on the product, release, platform, and component it was logged against.
Manage GUI customization Customize fields and tabs on the Issue Tracking page.
Manage workflow customization Define issue states and actions, action permissions, help text, and the appearance and usage of action dialog boxes.
Manage email notifications Define email notification rules and add email notifications that apply to all issues in the database.
Archive issues Removes selected issues from the issues and the tables related to the issues and places them in the ARCHIVE and the tables related to the ARCHIVE.
The following table lists the privileges that affect the routing of issues and email notifications:
Check Box Description
Reassign issues Move an issue from one inbox to another.
Issue verification preferences Check to override the normal routing rules.
Email notification per issue Add email notifications to individual issues.
Enter/edit issues Permission to enter and edit issues.