Setting Up User Accounts

A user account is a collection of information about a given user. Each user is assigned to a group and, if the user acts on issues, an inbox. A user account can be password-protected. Every person who logs on to the system to report an issue, act on an issue, or merely browse, needs a user account.

Note: You can create, edit, or delete user accounts in the Accounts tab in Administration > User Management .

Users inherit the security privileges and the initial issue states of their group. To give an individual user enhanced privileges or alternate initial issue states, you must edit the account of this user. Privileges defined by a group setting cannot be removed. A SuperUser, an Administrator, or a Project Manager always has all privileges, independent of whether the user is a member of a group with fewer privileges. To configure these settings, use the User Accounts tab in Issues > Configuration.

Note: Before you can set up user accounts, you must have already set up groups and inboxes.