Issue Manager Administration

In addition to the management of user accounts and other administration tasks, Issue Manager also shares its database repository with Silk Central. Issue Manager projects are also created, configured, and managed in the Silk Central Administration unit. This enables complete integration of Issue Manager projects with Silk Central projects.

When using Issue Manager in conjunction with Silk Central, projects may contain numerous elements in addition to issues, including requirements, tests, and execution definitions.

Issue Manager projects

Issue Manager uses a project-based workflow. Only those issues that are associated with the active project can be viewed or processed. You must select an Issue Manager project (via the Projects unit) before you can gain access to individual issues. The selected project remains the default selected project each time you access Issue Manager, until you select an alternate project to work with, at which point the newly selected project becomes the default.

Initializing database configuration

Once a project has been created, its database connection must be initialized before it can be used as an Issue Manager project.