Issue Manager

Welcome to Issue Manager!

Issue Manager is a comprehensive tool for automatically tracking issues. With Issue Manager you can enter, process, and manage issues in a way that models the workflow of your organization.

Issue Manager assists you in managing software bugs, documentation issues, requests for enhancements, and more. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including application developers, QA engineers, technical support, documentation professionals, managers, and IT personnel.

Issue Manager uses a technique called action-driven workflow . This workflow technology moves an issue through its life cycle automatically, based on user actions and issue states that can be customized to the workflow of your business. From the time an issue is reported until it is closed, Issue Manager handles issue routing automatically whenever a user takes an action on that issue.

Your administrator sets up routing rules and workflow to automatically advance issues between inboxes that are assigned to individual users or groups. Users with special security privileges can override predefined issue routing.

Issue Manager allows you to perform the following tasks: