Setting Up Email Notification Rules

With email notification, you can instruct Issue Manager to notify you or others in your organization automatically when events of interest occur, such as when an issue changes status.

Email notification rules

Users can have email sent to them whenever the following events occur:

  • An issue is reassigned to another inbox.
  • An issue moves from one workflow state to another (for example, from Unreviewed to Dev-Ready.
  • Any change is made to an issue that generates a new entry in the issue's history (for example, the component against which the issue is reported has changed).
  • Any other special event that you define (for example, Technical Support wants to receive email when a particular bug is fixed).

The events listed above are referred to as rules. The first three rules are predefined and cannot be modified. You may define as many additional rules for special events as you want.


An email notification instructs Issue Manager to send email whenever a certain event occurs to an issue. A notification consists of an email notification rule that specifies an event, the sender and recipients of the email, the message body, and an optional subject line, introduction, and trailer.

Users must apply a notifications to each issue they are interested in. Only users with the Email notification per issue privilege can add notifications to individual issues.

To view an issue's notifications, click the Notifications icon on the issue's Issue Details page.

Rules can also be used in notifications that apply to all issues in the project; these are project-wide notifications.

Only users with the Manage email notifications security privilege can add project-wide notifications.