Email Notification

You can configure Issue Manager to notify you whenever certain predefined events occur. These events are:
  • Reassignment: An issue is reassigned with no change in state.
  • StateChange: An issue changes its state.
  • AnyChange: A change is made to an issue that generates a new history entry.
The Issue Manager Administrator can define additional rules for specific events. Once rules are defined, users can setup email notifications. You can define project-wide notifications or notifications for specific issues. For these actions, you need the following security privileges:
Action Required security privilege
Defining notification rules Manage email notifications
Defining email notifications Email notification per issue
Defining project-wide notifications Manage email notifications

The system administrator has to configure the email server settings. Otherwise email notifications will not work.

Any user can define a basic email notification, regardless of assigned permissions. If you set this basic notification, Issue Manager notifies you when another user makes changes to an issue in your inbox or assigns a new issue to your inbox.