Calculated Property Page

The Calculated Property page is used to add or to edit a calculated property to a project. To access this page click Requirements > Requirement Properties and then click an existing calculated property or New Calculated Property.

Contains the name of your calculated property.
Enter a meaningful description of your calculated property perhaps referencing the formula or classification.
Contains the formula for your calculated property. You can manually type in the formula or use the Insert Property and Insert Operator lists to do this. If you manually type in the formula, the field names should be contained within the following structure: ${}. Operators go between this structure.
Insert Property
Place your cursor where you want the property to appear in the Formula field and select one of the system or custom properties from the list to add it.
Insert Operator
Place your cursor where you want the operator to appear in the Formula field and select an operator.
Classifications Grid
The Classifications grid is used to set varying ranges for the values of your calculated properties. Click Add Classification to create a new row in the grid. Use the Name field to identify the classification and the Lower Bound field to determine the lowest value for calculated property. The important thing to know about classifications is that the Name of the classification is what will appear in grids, not the values of calculated properties. For example if your classification Name is Medium with a Lower Bound of 5 and your calculated property value is 7, as long as your next classification lower bound value is greater than 7, the calculated value will appear as Medium.